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How to stay healthy when travelling

1. Pack lots of healthy snacks

Packing a lot of snacks will keep your diet regular while you're traveling. So, stock up on non-perishable snacks e.g.raw nuts, low sugar natural protein bars, Happy Snack Co roasted chickpea snacks, and grass-fed beef jerky (if you eat meat).

These high protein, high fibre snacks are the perfect go-to to avoid becoming hangry, having to resort to processed junk foods (biscuits, chips etc.), and reduces overeating because you’re ravenous when you sit down to a meal. It is best to pack these snacks in your luggage (as long as they are sealed) OR scout out a supermarket/ wholefoods store when you arrive at your destination to stock up on healthy snacks from there.

2. Bring your own plane meals

E.g. Natural protein balls/bars, nuts and seeds, veggie sticks and dip, quick-oats porridge sachets, protein powder sachets and healthy soup cups. All you need to do is ask flight attendants for some hot/cold water to fill up the cup (for soups/protein/porridge), then you guarantee that you have something tasty and satisfying to make the flight more enjoyable and help with energy levels and sleep on long-haul flights as your blood sugar levels are balanced.

3. Don't skip breakfast

Kickstart your day with a healthy breakfast before you start a day on the road travelling. This will provide energy for travelling (which can be tiring on the body), keep you satiated, and will mean that you don’t have to resort to unhealthy/unappealing breakfast options that the airport, petrol station or train station is selling.

4. Pack a bottle and drink lots of water

Always pack a reusable stainless steel or glass water bottle. This will help keep you hydrated- hence improving energy, supporting immune function, and it avoids resorting to constantly buying plastic water bottles, so is better for you and the environment. Tip: Check before you leave that you’re travel destination has a tap with drinkable water. Asking waiters at restaurants/cafes to fill up your water bottle with FILTERED WATER is convenient. Also, ensure to empty the bottle until you've gone through airport security so that the bottle isn’t confiscated.

4. Eat veggies with every meal

Make a pact with yourself that, no matter where you're eating, you will try to get in half a plate/bowl of vegetables (non-starchy so excluding potato, corn and sweet potato). E.g. enjoy the local delicacies (curries, fried rice, kebabs etc.) alongside a veggie dish.

5. If you enjoy cooking while you're traveling- book a place to stay that has a kitchen/kitchenette

This is for you is you are: a) travelling for long periods of time- e.g. +1 month, b) are craving a home-cooked dish that you can’t find out, c) want to save money and have a nutritious meal, and/or d) want to reduce food/water contamination by cooking youself if you are struggling with food allergies/intolerances. How?- Book a hotel, AirBnB or even some Hostels, that have a small kitchenette/kitchen to make cheap, healthy breakfasts/meals and you can store leftovers too!

6. Scope out healthy, delicious food places before you arrive

Search for healthy places to eat on the HappyCow, TripAdvisor and blogs, or ask friends before you arrive somewhere. Take-screenshots of these places and their locations on a map that are in walking distance to where you’ll be. This includes healthy cafes and restaurants, produce markets and supermarkets. This way, you’ll have some go-to spots when you arrive that have good review (for healthiness and food-quality)- reducing the stress that can be caused when you reach a new destination and are overwhelmed by travelling.

7. Take powdered greens with you

Getting in those veggies when travelling can be difficult- so having sachets of a good quality superfood greens powder can help to get in those micronutrients that you might miss on some days. I love these when travelling to boost energy levels, assist immune and gut health as well as to detox the body from pollution (which is often an issue if travelling to big cities and being on planes etc.). So take some sachets but taste test them before you go to make sure you like them (or buy one when you arrive at the destination) and mix into a glass of water or a water bottle each day. If you despise greens powders then take a wholefoods multivitamin capsule instead

Healthy Food Chains and Supermarket recommendations

**Stay tuned- I will be adding to this list in the coming weeks

Travelling in North America (U.S)

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