Our Philosophy


Enjoy a variety of wholesome and nourishing foods


Practice self-compassion and manage your thoughts mindfully


Respect and be kind to your unique body and enjoy movement

At My Goodness Nutrition we are dedicated to improving your health and wellbeing so that you can enjoy life fully. We achieve this through holistic, expert nutrition consultations and programs that address the fundamental building blocks of wellbeing- nourishing food, mindful thoughts, and enjoyable movement.


We understand that everyone has different needs and that your health is impacted by many factors. Therefore, our expert practitioners work with you to provide practical and simple advice tailored to you to ensure lifelong improvements.

About Us

My Goodness Nutrition is a private Dietitian clinic founded by Accredited Dietitian, Nutritionist and holistic-living enthusiast, Gabi Coulthurst. Gabi has over 10 years of experience working in the natural health and nutrition industry alongside Naturopaths, Dietitians, Nutritionists and Doctors. My Goodness Nutrition therefore utilises this holistic health approach in combination with expert medical nutrition therapy to deliver effective treatment for a range of conditions, disease prevention and lifestyle needs.

We specialise in:

GIT conditions (IBS, IBD)

Food allergies and intolerances


Autoimmune conditions

Weight balance


Depression & anxiety


Cardiovascular disease

Intuitive eating

High blood pressure


Vegan and vegetarian eating


The Gabi practices from two clinics across Brisbane located in Brisbane City and the Toowong Village Shopping Centre, although we also provide services to clients internationally via phone, Skype or in-clinic appointments, to best suit your needs.


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