Initial Consultation

In your first visit we will thoroughly assess your health and nutrition and formulate an eating plan specific to your needs.


Your initial appointment will include:

  1. Identifying your health and nutrition goals

  2. A full health assessment including your medical history, possible signs and symptoms, biochemistry, and medications and supplements.

  3. A dietary assessment of your current eating habits, food preferences, past nutrition interventions and food intolerances

  4. Discussing lifestyle factors affecting your wellbeing and nutrition (work/ family/ stress/ sleep etc.)

  5. Working with you to develop personalised nutrition plan inline with your assessment to meet your goals. This includes free take-home resources, appropriate nutritional education, and nutritional supplement recommendations if necessary.

Review Consultations

Replacing old eating habits with new ones can be difficult and confusing for many reasons. Your follow-up appointments aim to support and motivate you through these changes towards reaching your goal and enjoying each step of the journey.


Your follow up appointments will include:

  1. Monitoring your progress based on a variety of measures including your feedback, reviewing signs and symptoms, analysing test results, and recent eating habits

  2. Reviewing your goals and discussing difficulties you may be having with the current plan

  3. We will then develop solutions and modifications to overcome these, including specific short-term goals to work towards until your next review

  4. Providing you with ongoing support

  5. Continued education of nutritional choices to best nourish your physical and mental health and to keep food exciting and enjoyable for you