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Shopping Tour Consultation

A workshop helping you to choose foods that best nourish your body

The supermarket can be a confusing and overwhelming place when it comes to choosing foods to best nourish you (and your family). Our Dietitian-led supermarket tour can help!

We provide hands on education in a walk through tour of the supermarket to enable you to be a more informed shopper.

You will benefit if:

  • You want to learn more about general health and nutrition

  • You are interested in eating well to prevent or manage a chronic health condition (diabetes, cancer, heart disease, PCOS)

  • You have a food allergy or intolerance and need help with meal ideas and choosing what groceries to purchase (gluten free, dairy free, low sugar/fructose, low FODMAP)

  • You would like to learn how to eat and cook healthily for a busy lifestyle

The tour includes:

* A 1-1.5hr guided tour with our expert Dietitian

* Practical information and product recommendations suited to your nutrition needs, budget and lifestyle

* How to read a food label for any food/drink item

* How to interpret product claims and what they really mean

* A free comprehensive guide of recommended brands and products

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